The Industrial Revolution radically changed the way companies produce products. It saw the rise of new and improved processes and machinery that allowed for increased output. 

But according to The Wall Street Journal, there's a "new Industrial Revolution" brewing. And it's driven by advanced manufacturing — the use of innovative technologies, such as robotics and 3-D printing, to make products smarter and operations leaner.

Companies of all sizes can benefit from leveraging these technologies, especially in an increasingly disrupted business environment. Think of the plant manager, who learns from smart sensors that a machine part needs to be replaced. Or the entrepreneur, exploring more efficient ways to prototype a new product. 

The University of Louisville has robust facilities and expertise in advanced manufacturing, from our students, to world-class researchers to our state-of-the-art facilities. We can put them to work for your business. 


If your company isn't already using advanced manufacturing technologies, odds are that your competition is. According to companies responding to a survey for Manufacturing Engineering’s Advanced Manufacturing Opportunities Report:

  • 64% used advanced manufacturing equipment
  • 62% used advanced software
  • 55% used advanced sensing, measurement or process control
  • 54% used industrial robotics
  • 50% used information technologies and digital manufacturing
  • 36% used additive manufacturing (3-D printing)
  • 33% used advanced materials