L-Com Global Connectivity


L-Com Global Connectivity approached the University of Louisville's Logistics and Distribution Institute (LoDI) for help with one of its warehouses. The goal was to improve warehouse design and operations without compromising customer service during the execution of the project.

LoDI did a full assessment to figure out the best way to add value for L-Comm, then offered proposals for new new inventory control policies, material flow design and storage systems to achieve space utilization and throughput in the new facility. We designed a new warehouse layout, item slotting strategy, order profile, inventory control policy, storage policies, product allocation, and batching methods for order picking. 

We also developed a guide to help L-Com implement the new strategies. The results were great for L-Com, which saw significant increase in throughput capacity and considerable improvement to order picking processes. 


The project was a resounding success. Throughput capacity increased significantly, and the redesigned layout helped our order picking processes considerably. We hope to work with LoDI again in the future as we continue to grow.
— Dr. Bentley Craig, Chief Operating Officer, L-Com Global Connectivity