Gnarus Systems, Inc.

Gnarus Systems, Inc. 

Gnarus Systems, Inc. is a Louisville-based company whose bioinformatics software can predict the behavior of certain chemicals (for example cancer causing ability or drug-like activity). The company was founded by a member of the University of Louisville faculty, and leveraged our lab facilities and entrepreneurial expertise. 

Put simply, Gnarus' cat-SAR software product “learns” about the biological activity of chemicals by analyzing large sets of data and biological activity, then uses that information to predict future behavior of untested chemicals. This process is known as "machine learning." 

In essence, the cat-SAR program can be used to screen large numbers of chemicals for potential adverse activity or prioritize libraries of drug candidates for promising “hits."

The software was developed using the lab of founder and president, Dr. Albert R. Cunningham, at the University of Louisville, which saved the company the time of setting up its own lab and finding expertise elsewhere. Cunningham also is an associate professor of medicine and has an appointment in our James Graham Brown Cancer Center.

Cunningham said the university also helped him secure financing and guided him through the process of launching his business. 


They guided me through the entire business development process, from initial funding procurement to product deployment, which allowed me to focus on the science.
— Dr. Albert Cunningham, founder and president of Gnarus Systems Inc.