Breath Diagnostics Inc.


Breath Diagnostics, Inc. is a medical diagnostic device company based in Louisville, Kentucky. The company has a patented technology that will determine if a patient has lung cancer by analyzing their breath — sort of like a cancer Breathalyzer test. 

The ground-breaking technology is based on licensed University of Louisville research, and has received national media attention, including from Forbes and TIME Magazine

The technology was developed in our Shumaker Research Building's lab facilities by engineering and chemistry faculty and Brown Cancer Center medical staff. The cleanroom and MEMS lab facilities were critical to the work's success. Working with the University of Louisville enabled the company to save time and money in the research and development process.

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We have benefited greatly because of the MEMS lab and clean room facilities. Without these, the likelihood that the Breath Diagnostics technology would have been developed or at least to the point where it is today is very low.
— Rick Rummel, CEO of Breath Diagnostics, Inc.