Advanced Energy Materials


Advanced Energy Materials, LLC is a Louisville, Kentucky-based spin-off company launched in 2010. The company is based on technology developed by the Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research at the University of Louisville. 

The company worked with U of L to develop a break-through technology called SolvoPlasma(TM), which is used for production of nanomaterials. The process creates semiconducting materials using metal oxide powders, which are inexpensive and abundant.

Advanced Energy Materials was able to complete all of its sample characterization at the university, saving the time and money of having to hire a third-party agency outside of Kentucky. Advanced Energy Materials has an exclusive license agreement with the University of Louisville Office of Technology Transfer for a portfolio of 12 patents. The company could potentially commercialize those patents as products for customers. 

Advanced Energy Materials also has a leasing agreement with the University of Louisville for a test reactor that the company has been able to use for the past year, saving a lot of time in the research and development process. 


The university plays a very important role for our company success. We have been able to do all of our sample characterization at the Conn Center facilities since the company’s inception. It saved the company a lot of time and money in characterization costs, if we had to do it at a third party agency outside of Kentucky.
— Vasanthi Sunkara, president and CEO of Advanced Energy Materials, LLC