Resident expertS

The University of Louisville attracts the best scholars and scientists in the world to Kentucky. Our researchers and faculty specialize in a range of fields, from additive manufacturing to artificial intelligence, making to marketing. These very educated, trained and talented people can be part of your company's innovation team.

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We have leveraged the pioneering, statewide "Bucks for Brains" program to invest more than $230 million into faculty development and increased endowed faculty from 25 to 133. These scholars help the university attract top-level students, research funding and recognition. 

We support our inventors by helping them translate their discoveries for the benefit of society with a portfolio of entities that work together to commercialize the innovations happening in our labs. Our commercialization enterprise has progressed from the "traditional" technology transfer (i.e. IP protection and licensing) to comprehensive innovation support, which includes helping with varying degrees of proof-of-concept funding, entrepreneurial training and connecting startups with industry commercialization partners.