Kunal Kate

Dr. Kunal Kate

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Kunal Kate is an assistant professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Louisville's J.B. Speed School of Engineering. His focus is on materials science, characterizing, selecting and innovating new materials for improved design and development of new products.

Dr. Kate studies materials selection and the manufacturing process. One area of focus is how to base product design decisions on factors such as material properties, on intended part properties, geometry design, production volume, material and product cost, dimensional tolerances and part quality, which can benefit companies greatly in terms of cost, quality and efficiency.

Dr. Kate has worked with a number of manufacturing processes and companies to perform product development. He has worked with engineers from various manufacturing companies, such as Entek (Ore.), Kinetics (Dynacast, Ore.), EcNow Tech (Ore.), So Delicious Dairy Free (Ore.), and Netshape Inc (Ind.), CM Furnances (N.Y.), Amaray (Ky.), and Moldex3D (Ill.).

Dr. Kate has worked on design-to-manufacturing for powder injection molding of ceramics and developing and commercializing non-GMO based biocompostable polymer composite products for two Oregon, USA based companies: EcnowTech and So-delicious. He has extensive experience with designing, modeling and processing of filled polymers and blends for advanced manufacturing, including 3-D printing. His work has resulted in more than 19 peer reviewed technical papers, several conference papers and a patent.

His current research area is primarily focused on developing 3-D printing material systems of polymer-filled composites and metal alloys and understanding the interrelationships between material composition, process conditions and design geometry for a broad range of consumer applications. 

Dr. Kate earned his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering at Pune University, India, and his master's and doctoral degree in materials science at Oregon State University. 


Amir Amini

Dr. Amir Amini

Professor, Endowed Chair in Bioimaging, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Amir Amini, is a professor and Endowed Chair in Bioimaging at the University of Louisville's department of electrical and computer engineering where he teaches classes in the area of signal and image processing and medical imaging. He also directs the university’s Medical Imaging Laboratory. 

His research includes: 

  • Signal and Image Processing,
  • Medical Image Analysis,
  • Physics and mathematics of medical imaging;
  • MRI of flow and motion;

Dr. Amini's research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and several private foundations. He has edited a number of books and proceedings and has 5 provisional or issued US patents.

Dr. Amini previously was on faculty at Yale University and Washington University in St. Louis before joining the University of Louisville. He has also received awards for his courses taught on signal and image processing at U of L, including faculty favorite award. He received the Distinguished Lecturer Award from the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, and has chaired or co-chaired several conferences and is currently on editorial positions for several journals.

He was  elected as a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, an honor restricted to 0.1% of membership for any given year. More recently, he was elected a member of the College of Fellows at the American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineers for his contributions to medical imaging.

Dr, Amini earned his undergraduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Massachusetts, with high honors, at the age of 18 — making him the youngest graduate of the school. He earned master and doctoral degrees from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.