The Institute for Product Realization at the University of Louisville partners with industry to solve materials-based problems for advanced manufacturing. This sometimes means finding innovative ways to fabricate and use polymers and metal or ceramic powders for a variety of products and applications, such as healthcare, energy and transportation.


Some of our researchers, those in the Materials Innovation Guild, are primarily interested in the following areas that pertain to additive manufacturing: 

  • Additive manufacturing;
  • Powder injection molding;
  • Sintering;
  • Green micromachining;
  • Rapid prototyping;
  • Die compaction;
  • Tape casting;
  • Extrusion;
  • Laser machining;
  • Micromolding;
  • And surface modification.


The Materials Innovation Guild keeps a well-equipped laboratory in our Shumaker Research Building on the Belknap campus, and has generated more than 160 publications, issued and licensed seven patents and produced more than 20 intellectual property filings. 

The lab is equipped with tools for simulation, characterization and processing of materials. This includes: 

  • Software design tools for part drawings (SolidWorks), 3D printing part build design (Materialize and Magics) and simulations (Moldex3D). 
  • Tools for metallography, Vickers and Rockwell hardness, particle size analysis, scanning electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, atomic force microscopy, Fourier transform infrared and Raman spectroscopy, tensile testing, and thermal analysis (heat capacity, thermogravimetric analysis).
  • Goettfert capillary rheometer integrated with pressure-volume-temperature and thermal conductivity measurements.  
  • Tools for measuring powder characteristics including a Micromeritics helium pycnometer and Hall flow, angle of repose measurements and tap density. 
  • 3-D printing machines, including desktop makerbots and the Concept Laser – Metal 3D printer.

This team is lead by professor Sundar Atre, the University of Louisville's Endowed Chair of Manufacturing and Materials, whose research focuses on advanced materials and multi-scale manufacturing focus on additive manufacturing and powder injection molding of metal and ceramics.  




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Percentage of companies already using advanced materials, according to  a survey for Manufacturing Engineering’s Advanced Manufacturing Opportunities Report.