Innovation CorpS.

The University of Louisville has partnered with the National Science Foundation (NSF) Innovation Corps (I-Corps) program to foster entrepreneurship and stimulate lab-based research into the business market.

The goal of the UofL I-Corps Site program is to integrate and leverage existing commercialization infrastructure and capabilities to establish a sustainable program for the discovery and commercialization of STEM innovations and stimulate regional economic development.

This I-Corps Site program assists scientists and engineers in extending their focus beyond the laboratory to increase the economic impact of selected NSF-funded research projects.

The program partners innovative academic researchers and undergraduate/graduate students with entrepreneurial mentors to identify market opportunities for new technologies that benefit society and the economy.

Each team participates in the I-Corps curriculum, based on Stanford’s Lean LaunchPad process, via on-site training at UofL as well as online instruction at the Georgia Tech I-Corps Node (1 of 7 I-Corps Node locations). Since its inception in 2011, I-Corps has trained 508 teams from which 261 new companies have emerged.

In 2013, NSF established the National Innovation Network™ (NIN), extending the reach of I-Corps into the developing community of grantees and increase the impact of the program. NIN connects I-Corps grantees to a national pipeline of mentors and collaborators that helps to provide state-of-the-art tools and resources needed for start-up success and commercialization.




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    Who you are

    An academic researcher or undergraduate/graduate student with an innovative product idea and an entrepreneurial streak.


    What you get

    • Mentorship from entrepreneurial leaders;
    • Help identifying market opportunities;
    • On-site and online training in Stanford's Lean LaunchPad process for innovation.


    Application deadline

    • Day, Month, Year


    The UofL I-Corps Site will provide a catalyst for STEM entrepreneurial discovery and business development, which will stimulate the creation and growth of new, high-tech industries and higher paying jobs, while at the same time developing the entrepreneurial infrastructure of the state.
    — Dr. Robert Keynton, Lutz Endowed Chair for Biomechanical Devices and chairman of the Department of Bioengineering in the UofL Speed School of Engineering

    I-Corps Funded Projects


    Project Title: OneScope

    • Entrepreneurial Lead: Adam Casson
    • Entrepreneurial Lead: Maggie Galloway
    • Academic Lead: Mary Nan Mallory


    Project Title: Skin Cells: Modular Skin Sensors for the Next Generation Physical Human –Machine Interfaces.

    • Entrepreneurial Lead: Joshua Baptist
    • Academic Lead: Dan Popa


    Project Title: SciGlasses: Smart Wireless Eyeglasses for Unobtrusive Communication and Logging of Autonomic Nervous System Activity.

    • Entrepreneurial Lead: Mohammad Nasser Saadatzi
    • Academic Lead: James Graham
    • Academic Lead:  Karla Welch


    Project Title: Advanced Radar Sensor Based Yellow Light Dilemma Zone Protection System

    • Entrepreneurial Lead: Abdulmaged Algomaiah
    • Academic Lead: Zhixia Li


    Project Title: Recycling of Styrene Butadiene Rubber and Like Materials

    • Entrepreneurial Lead: David Gollinger
    • Academic Lead: Patrick Kroeger



    Remote Monitoring Heavy Metal Detection System

    • Entrepreneurial Lead:  Mohamed Marei
    • Academic Lead: Tommy Roussel


    Gold Nanoplates for Thermal Applications

    • Entrepreneurial Lead:  Kurtis James
    • Entrepreneurial Lead: Dhru Patel
    • Academic Lead: Marty O'Toole


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    MEET THE I-Corps. TEAM


    The UofL I-Corps Site program represents a joint collaboration between:


    • Dr. Robert S. Keynton, Co-PI, Chairperson, Department of Bioengineering, University of Louisville
    • Dr. Van G. H. Clouse, Co-PI, Endowed Chair, College of Business-Entrepreneurship, University of Louisville
    • Suzanne Bergmeister, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Professor, College of Business, University of Louisville 
    • J. Sharon, Associate Program Director
    • K. Preher, Program Coordinator
    • A. Isham, Webmaster


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