Information is power — but it means nothing without context and accurate interpretation. The University of Louisville can develop custom maps of geographic-based information for assorted disciplines, including: 

  • Transportation, including road conditions, routing and nearest facility analysis;
  • Real estate, including property assessment, market analysis and trends;
  • Geography, including topography, 3-D surface analysis, GPS and satellite image analysis;
  • Demographics, including income, ethnicity and housing;
  • Health, including patient distribution and health care facilities;
  • And engineering, including survey mapping, bridge scour and logistics.

Aside from mapping data, we can also perform UAV/Drone mapping surveying and analysis. We provide onsite evaluation, estimation and onsite demonstration of services. 


In addition to mapping geographies, we can offer web mapping services for your online client data. These services are available in a variety of formats, including online via public or secure login, a static map or query enabled. 

We can also create custom databases, through statistical analysis of large geospatial datasets or prepared as Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, graphs and reports.