HOW Does UofL engage with industry?

The University of Louisville connects industry with on-campus resources for product research and development and advanced manufacturing. This also allows us to create learning opportunities for students, who get hands-on experience and a chance to test drive their future jobs. Learn more here


Who would be working on my project? 

The University of Louisville has numerous highly-trained experts in everything from additive manufacturing to artificial intelligence. Your team may include members of our faculty and staff, along with students (who, by the way, would make excellent employees). You can learn more about some of our experts here.


What do you charge for your services? 

Costs are determined on a case-by-case basis, depending on your unique needs. But overall, our costs are often much lower than the cost of going it alone.


What's your policy on intellectual property?

In general, the University of Louisville can provide ownership of any reports created in a project with industry, and give free rights to use the data in those reports for any purpose. For access to intellectual property created by the University of Louisville, a license needs to be negotiated. But we strive to be as flexible as possible, and are happy to discuss our industry partners’ needs and concerns upfront in the negotiation process.



The University of Louisville Office of Technology Transfer focuses on commercializing innovations developed by our faculty and researchers. Many of these technologies are available for license. Those are listed here.


Why is this effort needed? 

The University of Louisville can help companies innovate in an increasingly disrupted business environment marked by adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies. These efforts also are needed by the University of Louisville and the community to help train the engineering workforce of tomorrow through opportunities for both experiential learning and industry engagement.