Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Defining and Refining the Energy-Water-Food Nexus

  • Muhammad Ali Center Louisville, KY

The National Science Foundation-funded, biennial Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE3) Workshop will be held May 21 through 24, 2017 at the Muhammad Ali Center in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

The workshop is coordinated through the Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research at the University of Louisville, and is open to faculty, students, and staff of universities and institutes, business/corporate partners, national laboratories and entrepreneurs across the nation as well as local and regional high schools and junior colleges.

Speakers include: 

  • Jared Entin – NASA, Program Manager, Clean Energy-Water 
  • Grigorii Soloveichik – ARPA-E, Prog Dir, Clean Energy 
  • Daniel Kammen – U. of California, Berkeley, Clean Energy
  • Raul Miranda – Washington, DC, Ammonia Production 
  • Prashant Kamat – U. of Notre Dame, Clean Energy 
  • Jordan Macknick – NREL, Clean Energy-Water 
  • Dominique Loqué – LBL, Clean Energy-Food 
  • Esther Obonyo – Penn State U., Big Data & EWF Nexus 
  • Yushan Yan – U. Delaware, Clean Energy Materials 
  • David Graves - U. of California, Berkeley, Clean Energy 
  • Aditya Mohite - Los Alamos National Lab, Clean Energy 
  • Jim Pfaendtner – U. Washington, Clean Energy 
  • Nelson Cardona Martínez - Puerto Rico–Mayagüez, Clean Energy-Food

The workshop theme is “Defining and Refining the Energy-Water-Food Nexus.” The workshop encourages, strengthens, and creates partnerships among stakeholders at the state, region and national arenas, forging connections and fostering innovation and intellectual exchange amongst academic, small businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups and mature industrial partners.

The 2017 RE3 Workshop features presentations by speakers from universities, businesses, national laboratories, and funding agencies on the latest technical discoveries and thematic priorities for renewable energy and efficiency.


  • Early Bird registration until February 17, 2017
  • Professionals - $350 Industry; $250 Academic
  • Students - $50 Undergrads; $50 Grads; $100 Postdocs
  • General - $100
  • High School Students attend FREE - email
  • Registration after February 17
  • Professionals - $400 Industry; $300 Academic
  • Students - $50 Undergrads; $75 Grads; $125 Postdocs
  • General - $150
  • High School Students attend FREE - email