3-D Printing Workshop and Venture Day

  • Shumaker Research Building 2210 South Brook Street Louisville, KY, 40208 United States

The 3-D Printing Incubator Workshop and Venture Day returns April 20, 2017, to showcase University of Louisville students, entrepreneurialism and our campus' robust advanced manufacturing ecosystem, which includes 3-D printing.

Students from the J.B. Speed School of Engineering’s Mechanical Engineering Department formed “startups,” then worked together to design a product, prototype it using 3-D printing and build a business case around it that could compete for a future round of financing.

The teams will present their products at a venture day morning event at the Shumaker Research Building on the Belknap Campus. The inaugural Workshop and Venture Day was well attended.

Watch: News coverage of Fall 2016 Venture Day

The University of Louisville 3-D Printing Business Incubator was launched in fall 2016 by professor, Dr. Sundar Atre, our Endowed Chair of Manufacturing and Materials. The incubator is a part of the mechanical engineering design capstone and Digital Manufacturing and Design Program, which is a consortium of companies that will participate in the growth of 3-D printing in terms of research and development, workforce development and products. 

The university connects industry to those resources through the Institute for Product Realization, which  seeks to create an ecosystem that spurs innovation.

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