The "Holy Grail" of Additive Manufacturing

  • University of Louisville 200 Sackett Hall Louisville, Ky.

Large-scale production of complete systems and complex end-use products in one setting on one platform is the Holy Grail of additive manufacturing.

Major breakthroughs in the understanding of how to manipulate physical, chemical, and material science principles to harness materials-energy interaction for manufacturing need to be made to enable engineering of existing and new material processing techniques to be developed to advanced towards that ultimate goal.

In this talk, several new materials processing techniques are introduced wherein metals, polymers, and ceramics can potentially be co-printed in the same process domain to allow multi-material 3D printing of complete systems. Challenges in these processes and the fundamental questions at the core of these processes will be discussed.

Speaker: Dr. Keng Hsu is an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. Since 2013, Dr. Hsu has directed the Advanced Mult-scale Manufacturing Lab at Arizona State.

There, his research has focused on addressing the need for new manufacturing processes at the nano-, micro-, and meso-scales required to bring theoretical materials to reality. This highly interdisciplinary research leverages principles in physics, chemistry, and mechanics and solve engineering problems along the way.

Current research projects by Dr. Hsu include Photoconduction-Induced Localized Electrochemical Deposition for Metal 3-D Printing, Thermal-Acoustic 3D Printing of Polymer Metal Composites, Scalable Electrochemical Patterning of Semiconductors, Design, Fabrication, Characterization, and Tuning Of Plasmonic Structures for Bio-Sensing, Optical Devices, And Energy Conversion Applications, and Design for Additive Manufacturing.