Louisville, Kentucky, is an innovative city rich in culture and history. It's the home of bourbon, Muhammad Ali, the Kentucky Derby and the University of Louisville. 

And it would make a great home for your business, too. This is a competitive, increasingly global city, with built-in logistics strength and advanced manufacturing capabilities and workforce development through our campus. 

It's a city of dualities. With a population of some 760,000, this is the biggest small town you'll ever find. It's a vibrant, gleaming metropolis with a big dose of hospitality that's inherently Southern. Or Midwestern. Or both. 

Louisville is alternatively the Northern-most Southern city or the Southern-most Northern city — and that's a huge factor in our natural logistics and distribution strength. This central location puts us within a day's drive of two thirds of the United States population. 

Really, it's no wonder that we're a strategic location for big names like shipping powerhouse UPS Worldport, Clariant Corp., Ford Motor Co., Yum Brands!, Humana Inc., Papa John's International Inc. and GE Appliances, a Haier Company. 

Culture and Lifestyle

On top of our natural business strength, we also offer unrivaled culture and quality of life. Louisville has a burgeoning and creative restaurant scene, making it a prime destination for foodies. And that's not even counting our long and continuing bourbon heritage, which includes Beam Suntory Inc. (Jim Beam), Evan Williams, Maker's Mark, Brown-Forman and other top brands. 

Aside from bourbon, we also know a thing or two about entertainment. We're one of a handful of cities nationwide to have all five major performing arts groups, including the Louisville Orchestra, Louisville Ballet, Kentucky Opera and Actors Theatre of Louisville. Plus, there's a wealth of arts and culture at the University of Louisville, including theater, music performance and the newly renovated Speed Art Museum.

We also have a beautiful park system designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, the man behind Central Park in New York City. This network of parks and parkways is ideal for hiking, biking, picnicking or playing a game of tennis or basketball. 



For more information on our city and doing business here, visit the mayor's economic development office or the chamber of commerce

And you can learn more about what makes Louisville great by watching the video below, via Louisville Forward.