Your Innovation Partner

In business, continuous innovation is key to survival. Companies of all sizes need to develop new, disruptive products and get them to market using less time and money. 

The University of Louisville can help.

Our campus is full of creative thinkers. They're experts in everything from business to micro/nano technology, and love tackling problems in new and interesting ways. Their brain power, combined with our facilities, create the ideal environment to help your company innovate and grow.

Traditionally, universities have solely focused on teaching and research and have been less concerned with commercialization ventures. But at the University of Louisville, we don't think you have to choose between the two. 

We have a bold vision; one that marries education and industry to create an innovation ecosystem. To do this, our campus needs to work with you — especially our students, who will get to roll up their sleeves and tackle real-world problems before graduating and entering the workforce. 

Together, we can spur innovation and create a new generation of thinkers, doers and leaders. 


"We are the epicenter of manufacturing, technology and innovation—a true maker community. Entrepreneurs desire to be in innovative clusters where high concentrations of expertise exist. That environment is here at the University of Louisville.”

David Adams, CEO of the Institute for Product Realization